Chemical Name: 4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-4-ene-3b,17b-diol
Suited For: Beginner/Intermediate
Cycle Length: 4-6 Weeks
Dosage: 50-100mg/day
Half Life: N/A


This compound is often mistaken for Halodrol, which couldn’t be any further from the truth. Methylclostebol lacks the C1-2 bond meaning it is nothing like the boldenone derivatives like H-drol, Boldione and Dbol. Instead, Methylclostebol has a C4-5 bond which makes it closer in actual fact to testosterone and methyl testosterone. Methylclostebol is moderately anabolic and not very androgenic which leads to a more positive effect on mood, energy and libido.

Side Effects:

As with any methyl product, users may experience hepatic impairment (The discolouring of the eyes and skin, and itchy feet/palms). If this is the case, discontinue use immediately.


Methylclostebol users tend to report immediate size gains, with little additional weight added in the last couple of weeks. Libido tends to remain more positive, likely due to the more androgenic qualities of the drug.

As found in:

Antaeus Labs -Mechabol

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