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Nanodrol Review:

  • Advanced version of ultradrol
  • Fast Delivery system/Better Absorbton
  • Highly Potent
  • Mass/Strength Range

Up until recently, we wondered if anything could out do the potency and results of Ultradrol and now we have our answer. Nanodrol contains Methylstenbolone, a compound which was in Ultradrol and is vastly researched to show amazing size and strength gains but the new Nandadrol offers higher bio availability and absorption rate meaning it is much more potent than its predecessor.

What is Nanodrol good for?

As with ultradrol, the results will be unmatched when compared to another prohormone in the same category. Nanodrol will offer extreme size and strength gains, with upwards of 20lbs gain in 4 weeks not uncommon.

Who should use Nanodrol?

Methylstenbolone will offer gains in lean weight and strength and give the muscle a fuller look due to the sodium and water that is been retained in the muscle and not in subcutaneously. Nanodrol is ideal for size and strength athletes.

Nanodrol PCT?

Due to the strength of Nanodrol, we advise that a full PCT is taken after use. We advise a full course of PES – Erase Pro (1 tablet at breakfast for 4 weeks) as well as another high quality test booster like E-Pharm Testforce 2 (2 scoops twice a day for 3 weeks)

Directions 0-200lbs - Use 0.5ml twice a day with our without meals. 200+ lbs - Use 0.5ml three times a day Nanodrol cycles should be limited to one bottle and a full PCT run afterwards for an equal or greater amount of time. In addition, cycle support supplements are mandatory for Nanodrol users.
Ingredients Nanodrol Methylstenbolone nanoparticles, 30ml, 15mg/ml

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